September Newsletter 2012

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September 2012 Newsletter


Dear Parents,


Welcome back!  School is off to a very smooth start.  We’re greeting many new students this year and enrollment in the elementary schools is up overall. 


Elementary Student Handbook:  The booklet contains most of the information you will ever need to know about procedures and expectations at the Mt. Lebanon School.  Please read it carefully. 


Kindergarten Program:  It was heartwarming to see so many parents show up for our Kindergarten kickoff.  For many years our kindergarten teachers have made home visits for the first week of school to better know you and your child.  What is new this year is that our kindergarten students will be participating in a full day program.  Please exercise both patience and caution especially at drop off and pick up times to allow for a significant increase in pedestrians and traffic.  


Morning Sing is a tradition at Mt. Lebanon School that goes back many years.  There are few programs that do so much to encourage community building and participation.  Please know that you are invited every Friday morning from 8:20 – 8:55 for our Morning Sing, space permitting.  As the parking lots are reserved for teachers you will need to plan accordingly.  Parking is available on many of the streets around the school unless otherwise posted. 


Photos/ security:  Many teachers record special classroom activities with pictures.  All teachers are expected to communicate with you via newsletters either electronically, in hard copy, or both.  Please note that we do not identify students in publications or on the web when distributed for general consumption.


Medicines to the nurse: Please make sure our school nurses; Mrs. Ellen Bald and Mrs. Nancy Tomlinson have the appropriate medical forms.  All students are required by NH law to have evidence of physical fitness for school.  Any changes in medicines of medical regimes should immediately be reported to the health office as well. 


Appropriate footwear:  Nothing beats patent leather for jazzing up the foot or an outfit, but formal shoes, crocs and flip-flops do not cut it on the playground.  As we get all students outside everyday for fresh air and exercise, please send your child to school with appropriate shoes and/or sneakers that tie, buckle or Velcro.  (Page 15 Elementary School Handbook)


Volunteers: Our school district policy must comply with NH educational law.  One such stated regulation concerns the vetting of all school volunteers working with our students.  We believe that an effective school has the active support and participation of parents.  Mt. Lebanon has long benefited from community members such as yourselves and we invite you again this year to take an active role in the life of the school.  We do expect in turn, that all volunteers will fill out an application form, and be fingerprinted.  The overall intent is the students’ safety of course.  Additionally, we have a very informative Volunteer Handbook in our office for our volunteers.  If you have any questions at all about your role as a parent volunteer, you may inquire with your child’s teacher, Mrs. Moran, or me.




Meal prices:  This year Café Services has set the following rates for student breakfast and lunch.  We urge you to fill out the application determining eligibility for free or reduced meals.


Student Breakfast:  $1.50                 Reduced:       $ 0.30

Student Lunch:       $2.25                 Reduced:       $ 0.40

Snack Milk

Or Milk a la carte   $0.50                  Reduced        $0.50


Any student carrying a balance of over $30.00 will have only a sandwich as an option.   You may pay in advance if you wish.  Or, you may provide your child with bag lunch.  Please do not send candy or sodas.


We welcome your questions, concerns, feedback and advice.  I’m confident that this is going to be an exciting and productive year at Mt. Lebanon School.




Michael Foxall



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