Principal's Update, August 2012

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Principal Update,  August 2012 

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!  I hope your summer has been an enjoyable one.  Here at school our custodians, Mr. McGonis and Mr. Poirier, as well as our district technology crew and librarian, have been very busy readying the school for teachers and students.  Many teachers have been engaged in professional development opportunities this summer ranging from review of the newly adopted “Common Core State Standards”, to using assessment data from NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) to inform instruction for the improvement of student learning, to Responsive Classroom.   

Technology:  We’ve also been busy upgrading our technological infrastructure.  One teacher tool that has really caught on is the interactive white board which comes in a variety of options.  Our goal will be to have interactive white boards in all classrooms by end of 2014, and all teachers familiar with how to use them to effect with students. 

Staffing:  There have been a few staffing changes over the summer that I’d like to make you aware of.  Ms. Renehan, one of our grade 4 teachers, will be taking a year’s leave of absence.  We have hired Mr. Sean Wetmore in her stead.  Mr. Wetmore finished the year in Ms. Renehan’s class  last year.   Mrs. Ballou, our PE teacher, will be working half time this year to address the needs of her growing family.  She will be sharing PE instructional responsibilities with Ms. Bri Barnes, a certified PE teacher who was teaching last year in the Jr. High.  The district has also hired a school psychologist who will be working between the two elementary schools, Ms. Dorothy Powell.  As a result of budget cuts and para reassignments, we are welcoming Mrs. Carolyn Townsend, who is taking Mrs. Blaylock’s place in the computer lab, and Margaret Cyphers, Wendy Johnson, Lauryn Moeller and Amanda Clarke, all paraeducators.

Important:  The first day of school for students in grades 1 - 4  is Thursday, August 30.  Kindergarten students first day of school is Friday, September 7.  Please remember to give any changes in address or phone  number to Ms. Vicky Moran in the office.  Our PTO president this year is Mrs. Jen Devers and we’d love to have your participation. Finally, we’d like to invite you all to our first Friday Morning Sing, August 31, at 8:20 in the MPR.   Parking is very tight due to space limitations and is reserved for teachers, so please take this account.

Feedback:  We welcome your feedback as to what’s working at Mt. Lebanon and what we can do better to serve you and your young learners.  My door is open.   Or, you may call or drop an email.   I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Michael Foxall,


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