Mid December Special Newsletter 2012

posted Dec 17, 2012, 11:44 AM by mfoxall@sau88.net

December 17, 2012

 Dear Parents:

 In light of the recent senseless and tragic events in Connecticut, many of you are wondering what we do to help children feel and be safe in Mt. Lebanon.


Physical plant:

Our school is locked at all times, with exception for opening and closing times. 

Visitors and parents must be buzzed into the front office and sign in.

Students are always accompanied by adults in classrooms, the computer lab, multipurpose room and playground.



We teach the social / emotional curriculum through Responsive Classroom.

The Behavior Support Team provides social cognition instruction using Dr. Ross Green’s model of problem solving, the “Superflex” program to provide students who struggle with self-regulation challenges, and our guidance counselor provides classroom, small group and individual support in promoting healthy self-images and positive pro-social interpersonal relationships. 


Cultural: We provide and encourage parental participation in our school.  Our Morning Sing assembly sees between 40 – 70 parents weekly in our school.  This practice serves to reinforce the fact that we are ALL here to help oversee the safety, education and well-being of students.


What you can do at home:

Shelter your child by limiting what they hear and see on the media.  Children should not be viewing the news with you.  We strongly recommend that you do not put TV’s in your child’s bedroom.  Do not leave your child be unsupervised on a computer with access to the net.  Do not purchase violent video games or permit your child to play them.

Assure students that home is a safe place by putting your own routines in place.

Stress that Mt. Lebanon School is a safe place with teachers, community members, and municipal agencies available at all times monitoring events.

Maintain a normal routine.  Routines provide security.  

The National Association of School Psychologists also states:

“Early elementary school children need brief, simple information (if asking- if not do not bring it up) that should be balanced with reassurances that their school and homes are safe and that adults are there to protect them.” 


We have our district’s full support in promoting and maintaining a safe school.  I am in touch with Captain Cohen of the LPD and our school security officer, Greg Partham, who have been visible on our campus and will continue to be so more regularly.  We will be making upgrades to our facility as well. 


I’m pleased to report that our day has been quiet and unremarkable.  This means that you have been conscientious in helping us to keep your children safe.  Thank you.


Other Miscellaneous Reminders:


Winter attire: With snow on the ground we ask you to send your child appropriately attired as we go outside at least once a day and often more.  This means hat or earmuffs, gloves or mittens, warm jacket, snow pants and boots.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or our school nurse if the above list presents a hardship.  We can help.  Also, please label those garments with first initial and last name with a permanent marker.


Two hour delayed opening:  Multipurpose room will open at 9:15 AM.  There is no supervision prior to that time.  Buses will run two hours later than usual.  If you bring your child to school in a car, or walk, a 9:50 – 9:55 arrival time is optimal. 


There will be a Friday Morning Sing this week and we hope to see you there.  If not, we wish you a very restful, safe, and healthy holiday with family and friends. 



 Michael Foxall



 “Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and dumb can understand.”  Seneca