March Newsletter 2013

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March 2013 Newsletter

 Dear Parents,

 Lock Down Drill:  The lock down drill originally scheduled for Wednesday, February 27 was canceled due to the snow day.  The drill has been rescheduled for Thursday morning, March 7.  Any conversations that you have with your child should focus on the positive aspects of keeping safe by being prepared for unexpected events.  You may reinforce this message with your child, being careful to emphasize the positive aspects following directions and preparedness. 


Snacks and nutrition: A well nourished brain is more fit for learning than a malnourished one.  For six years the Mt. Lebanon School has been teaching students the benefits good nutrition.  The Healthy Snack Store initiative seeks to combine students handling coins and currency with  purchasing a healthy snack.  We thank the PTO for helping to subsidize this initiative.  It has been very successful in encouraging students to choose healthy alternatives, and provide them with opportunities to try foods they might not otherwise eat.  We cannot compete with huge fast food companies and their advertising dollars.  We can, however, through hands-on experience, develop in our students an awareness and appreciation for where our food comes from, and how long and how much labor is actually involved in getting it to us.  Our garden produce and our Friday Healthy Snack Store are two very effective ways to teach sensible, healthy eating habits. 

Did you know that the average American eats the equivalent of 28 teaspoons of sugar every day?   This means an additional 450 empty calories every day.  The recommended maximum amount is nine.  Unfortunately, with childhood obesity an epidemic in this country, we may count on ever higher rates of diabetes and heart disease in the future if we don’t help our children help themselves now. 


Pennies for Bears:  As many of you are aware, Mr. Ben Kilham, resident of Orford, NH, has for years now, been caring for and releasing back into the wild, orphaned black bears.  This year, for a variety of reasons, there are more bears in his charge, and for other reasons, these bears have not hibernated.  This has put significant strain on his resources.  Mrs. Allen has received permission to host a pennies-for-the-bears fund raising effort which coincides with Wild About Reading Week.  Not for nothing is our theme about wild animals.  See if there aren’t some extra chores your child might do to earn some pennies for the effort.  They will feel good, you will feel good, Mrs. Allen will feel good, Ben Kilham will feel good, and most importantly, the bears will feel good.


Scents in Schools:  More students have more allergies now than ever before.  Strong fragrances and clinging odors from smoke have triggered asthmatic and allergic reactions in some members of our school community.   Laundry detergents and fabric softeners are often laden with heavy perfuming agents and can sometimes play the culprit with sensitive noses and skin.  Fortunately, there are fragrance free options for these products.   Please help us provide a clean and wholesome environment in school by minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.


NECAP  (New England Common Assessment Program) Results:    When we received our NECAP results in January, classroom, special education and reading teachers reviewed the student results.  We looked at those released test items in which the majority of our students did well and responded correctly, and we looked especially closely at those test items where students had a more difficult time.  Together, we have already come to some conclusions about where we can make greater instructional efforts. And, we will consider what we might add to our third and fourth quarter instruction to provide additional motivation, incentive and practice in those areas.  The leadership team will also be presenting a summary of the results to the Education Committee of the Board next month.


“Wild About Reading” Week:  Next week we are celebrating literacy by focusing our attention on the joy and celebration of reading.  Our focus will be on reading, all kinds of reading.  More to follow and be prepared to participate!  You may sign up to be a guest reader on the door of the front office if you wish.  There is a calendar of reading celebration themes that students will be participating in.  The week will culminate in pajama day, Friday, March 8.


Dates to Remember:

Monday – Friday March 4-8 Wild About Reading Week, also:

            Pennies-for-Bears fund raising week.

Tuesday, March 12, District Vote on Budget, Ward I at the Kilton Library

Thursday, March 14 at 1:00 Early Dismissal

Thursday, March 14, Kindergarten Registration at school

Friday, March 15, No School for students, Teacher Professional Development

Friday, March 15, Annual PTO Contra Dance Fundraiser 7-9 PM, Mt.Lebanon multipurpose

room. (Family dance- all children must be accompanied by adults)

Wednesday, Thursday April 3,4, Parent Conferences


Thanks for reading!

 Michael Foxall



“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”  Aldous Huxley