March Newsletter

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March 2012 Newsletter

 Dear Parents,

Farm to School:  The Mt. Lebanon School, working in conjunction with Mr. Peter Allison, representative of the Upper Valley Farm to School network, will host a meeting at MLS this month for interested educators to discuss the educational and nutritional benefits of gardens on school grounds.  (You may find out more about the Farm to School  go to  Thanks to the work of our teachers and with great support from our PTO, the Mt. Lebanon School now has two thriving gardens, one a vegetable garden and the other a wildlife habitat.  We can neither compete with huge fast food companies advertising dollars, or the mega farming interests.  We can, however, through hands-on experience, develop in our students an awareness and appreciation for where our food comes from, and how long and how much labor is actually involved in getting to us.  Our garden produce and our Friday Healthy Snack Store are two very effective ways to teach sensible, healthy eating habits. 

Did you know that the average American eats the equivalent of 28 teaspoons of sugar every day?   This means an additional 450 empty calories every day.  The recommended maximum amount is nine.  Unfortunately, with childhood obesity an epidemic in this country, we may count on ever higher rates of diabetes and heart disease in the future if we don’t help our children help themselves now. 

 Scents in Schools:  More students have more allergies now than ever before.  Strong fragrances and clinging odors from smoke have triggered asthmatic and allergic reactions in some members of our school community.   Laundry detergents and fabric softeners are often laden with heavy perfuming agents and can sometimes play the culprit with sensitive noses and skin.  Please help us provide a clean and wholesome environment in school.

 NECAP Results:  We have two standing committees at the Mt. Lebanon School made up of a grade level teachers and SPED or reading teachers called the LLT , Literacy Leadership Team and MLT, the Math Leadership Team.  When we received our NECAP results last month, these two committees reviewed the student results.  We looked at those released test items in which the majority of our students did well and responded correctly, and we looked especially closely at those test items where students had a more difficult time.  Teams will make recommendations and report out to the faculty.  We will consider what we might add to our fourth quarter instruction to provide additional motivation, incentive and practice.  The leadership team will also be presenting a summary of the results to the Education Committee of the Board next month.

 We Love to Read Week:  While this is not yet the official title, we were happy to meet with some of our colleagues across town to begin a conversation on what the week of April 30 is going to look like in our school.  Our focus will be on reading, all kinds of reading.  More to follow and be prepared to participate!

Special Announcement from Mr. Gordon Spaeth: 

Sunday, March 25th is the date for the FlashCon Again mini game convention at the Kilton Library!  Now WAIT!  If you think you know what gaming really is, visit to find out what quality games can truly be.  Then visit the FlashCon facebook page for more information regarding this event. Last month witnessed the first ever FlashCon at the Howe Library and it was a great success.  Games are terrific tools for teaching problem solving, strategic planning, and resource management.  This is a free, afternoon long event filled with some of the best board games, card games, role playing games, and every other game around. Drop ins are welcome and FlashCon is open to all, but registration will ensure that you get a chance to play the games you really want to check out and will give us an idea of how many people to expect.  Come to play.  Come to learn.  Come to meet interesting people.  Just be there.  FlashCon Again is brought to you by the Hanover Recreation Game Club, GamesMobile, and the Hanover Ladies Mahjong Club.

Dates to Remember:

Third Quarter Conferences: April 4th and 5th.

VOTE on District Budget, Tuesday, March 13

PM SING, Friday, March 16

 Michael Foxall

     “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”  Thomas Edison