January Newsletter 2013

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January 2013

Dear Parents:


Winter Weather: Welcome back!  We hope you are staying warm in this cold weather.  Just a few reminders on appropriate dress expectations: Send your child with warm coat, hat, mittens or gloves, snow pants and insulated boots.  If we do not have any snow on the ground, we will not insist that students wear snow pants, but these will certainly keep them more comfortable out of doors.  We know that students who are active and fit are better able to learn.  We will provide outside recess every day except when it is raining or the temperature drops below 10 degrees F.  Also, as winter wear is not cheap, please label your student’s clothing with first initial last name in permanent ink somewhere on the garment. 


End of First Semester:  The second quarter of school ends on Friday, January 25.  Report cards will be sent home with the students on Monday, January 28.  While we do not formally schedule conferences at this time of year, you may call your child’s teacher at any time and request a meeting to review your student’s progress. We ask that you seek a time that is mutually agreed upon.  It helps greatly to give your child’s teacher a head’s up about the nature of questions, concerns or suggestions you’d like to share at the meeting in a note prior to getting together.  In this way your time will be well spent. 


ELO: During the second half of the year,  Mt. Lebanon School will offer, by invitation, a program called ELO or Extended Learning Opportunity to students who have been recommended by their teachers for additional support.  This program is grant funded and designed to assist students in need of some additional structured remediation.  We are finalizing the details and will be sending home a letter soon.


Delayed Openings:  Our district will continue to use the two-hour delay system when we know that roads are not ready for bus and student transportation due to icy or snowy conditions.  If we have delayed openings,  we cannot provide supervision for any students prior to 9:15 AM.  The buses will run two hours later than usual.  If you drive your child, have them to school by 10:00.  The class day starts at 10:05.  AM preschool will be canceled for the day.


Responsive Classroom:   Learning to abide by the rules is a large part of the social curriculum at Mt. Lebanon School.  Inevitably, some students will break rules at some time.  We use the terms “expected behavior” and “unexpected behavior” with students.  When this happens we apply the principle of logical consequences.  As opposed to punishment, logical consequences seek to reinforce the internal requirement of self-control.  Logical consequences are respectful of the student and classroom, and are not intended to humiliate or hurt.  Logical consequences respond to behavioral choices and actions, not character. And, logical consequences describe the demands of the situation, not the demands of authority.  Our short-term goals in using logical consequences are to help the student regain self-control and self-respect.  Our long-term goal is the establishment of an internal framework for social behavior based on self respect and the rights, safety and well being of others.



Return school materials: First and second grade teachers sent home specially prepared holiday home reading bags over the break.  We need your help in keeping school costs down.  Please return borrowed school materials in a timely fashion, and avoid having to pay for lost or missing materials.


Important Dates:

Friday, January 18: Early Dismissal for Students, 1:00 PM

Monday, January 21, NO SCHOOL for Martin Luther King Day

Monday, January 28, Report Cards Home


The Long View: Here are some important events and happenings that we have to look forward to:


Final Public Hearing on next year’s school budget. Feb. 2

“Info-Snap” is coming.  On-line registration forms for parents.

Winter Break,  One week NO school , Feb 16-24

March:  Kindergarten Registration

District Vote on Budget

Soliciting Parent Input on class selection for SY 2013-14

April: End Third Quarter

Spring Break  April 13 -21


Gr.4 NECAP Science Assessment

All School NWEA Assessment


Michael Foxall



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