2009 03 March

March 2009 Newsletter

Dear Parents:

Math Night: Don’t forget! This Thursday night is Family Math Night at Mt. Lebanon.  Our program starts at 6:15 PM in the multi-purpose room.  I will greet you and provide a brief overview of the evening program.  We will have snacks of apples and oranges for sale, simultaneously providing an opportunity to promote good health and eat fruity fractions.  Each grade level team has selected a variety of math problems and activities.  So, plan on spending about 20 minutes in each of the classrooms at your child’s grade level.  This is not an evening where teachers deliver formal descriptions of the program, but rather an evening where your child will take the lead in demonstrating what and how he or she is learning math.  Teachers will be available for to answer your questions.  We are now in our third year of implementing the Trailblazers math program and the students have responded very favorably to the way in which we introduce and reinforce math skills and concepts.  You may extend your child’s learning by asking, “What is another way to solve this?  How did you arrive at that answer?  Convince me that this is correct.  Is there another way to solve the problem?”  Our students do need to know their simple math facts, and have a solid grasp of numbers so that their applications will produce accurate results.  We must therefore, begin by asking, “What prior learning has to take place so that children understand conceptually and relationally 11+13 = 12X2 = 30-6 = 48/2 = 24 ”?

Voting day March 10! The Mt. Lebanon School is the voting location for West Lebanon voters. Taxpayers will be voting the School Board’s proposed budget for next fiscal year and the whether or not to build a new Middle School grades 5 – 8, among other articles.  School will be in session though there will not be hot lunch served on that day.  Parking may be tight so you might want to plan ahead and not vote during arrival or dismissal times.  We’ll need to know by Wednesday whether or not your child will order a bag lunch.  

Passport to Winter Fun: Is your child going to be a Polar Bear~this winter? There's still time to complete the journey to Winter Fun!~The~Passport to Winter Fun program runs through March 16. Children who make it to day 30 by that date in their Passports become Polar Bear Achievers and~can receive a special t-shirt and enter the Grand Prize Raffle. Even students who don't make it all the way to day 30 can still receive a prize if they turn in both "flaps" of their Passports... All participants have a great time along the way, earning healthy incentives for themselves and their families.  Don't forget to sign up on the Passport website to learn about special activities for Passport holders. Visit www.uvtrails.org for more info. Don't wait! Register today to find out about the Passport Family Fun Day taking place this Sunday, March 1 at Wilderness Trails in Quechee, VT.
~Responsive Classroom, Hot Breakfast and PTO Fundraisers:  A key concept in the Responsive Classroom framework is community building.  Children need to be taught
how to be socially responsible.  What does socially responsible behavior sound like?  What does it look like?  Why is it important?  Children need to feel secure, nurtured and valued.  That your child identifies positively with their school is very important and is one indicator that he or she feels an integral part of the community.  While we have always deeply appreciated your commitment to our school, two recent events have highlighted your support.  Several weeks ago our PTO volunteers served delicious pasta and sauce in two sittings to happy and hungry children and parents.  With the Scholastic Book Fair going on in the background, and the opportunity to purchase gourmet coffee on the sides, our children received the message and impression that ours is a good school, a safe place where we can meet as family and friends and enjoy good food and each other’s company; this is a place where we count.  Ramuntos and Three Tomatoes both generously donated food and thanks to the combined efforts of our parent volunteers we had plenty of tasty deserts.  Our PTO realized a substantial gain to its coffers and many students acquired new books.  Also, just last Thursday, Mr. Dennis Samuel of Café Services and Mrs. Pollard served over seventy students and parents a hot breakfast  before school.   I believe that in trying times we will only see ourselves getting stronger and more tightly knit.  Research has demonstrated time and again, your visible support and presence in school actually improves your child’s performance.

Cafeteria Recognition:  At Mrs. Anna Pollard’s request, we will be recognizing “Kind and Friendly Lunchroom Helpers” during our Morning Sing every other week.  Walter P. was our first student recognized.   Also, thanks to the combined efforts of the PTO, Green Committee and Café Services, we will soon be using only real silverware in hot lunch program, thereby saving money and not putting more non-biodegradable plastic into our landfills.

Dates to Remember:
Tuesday, March 10.  VOTING DAY for school budget and related articles.  Cold lunch.
March 12 is an Early Release day for teacher workshops and professional development.  
There will be Jump Rope for Heart at the CCBA that afternoon.
March 13, Friday, NO SCHOOL for students, as this is a teacher workshop day.

Michael Foxall

“When I reflect upon the number of disagreeable people who I know have gone to a better world, I am moved to lead a different life.”  Mark Twain

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